GhostFX is an international award-winning Animation / Visual-FX house based in Toronto, Canada. Established in 1999AD, GhostFX has produced over 1000 projects that have been broadcasted in 129 countries of the world on Television, Web, Theatres, Stadiums, and Award Shows with 120,000 live viewers, while our Quantum Break promo had over 60 million views. We have been broadcasted from a 3-inch phone screen to JumboTron - IMAX resolution – on screens reaching 120-feet.

But in the end, we are a skilled group of experimental artists that just want to make cool stuff!


Video Production

One of the best ways to engage and market to an online audience is with video. Video enables its publishers to communicate a message in a variety of different formates via video content. Online video enables website owners to reach a huge growing audience for minimal investment and with video now being incorporated into universal search results on Google this presents a major commercial opportunity to boost traffic to your companies website and your bottom line.


Let GhostFX take care of all your animated Content needs, In todays world of online business and marketing ,your websites say's alot about your company. We provide in-house professionally high resolution digital images to make your websites or blog or web video stand out from the pack, We speacialize in Motion Graphics, Stop motion. Contact us for your next project, and feel free to browse through our work section.


With the aid of state-of-the-art equipment and software, the talent of GhostFX artists truly shines onscreen. Whether your project requires modeling, animation, motion tracking, matte painting or compositing, our team brings together the various visual-effects processes in a tightly coordinated manner that allows creativity to take center stage. We work closely with directors and producers from the earliest stages of pre-production in order to remain faithful to their vision throughout the VFX-creation process.

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